Many people are now considering the need of food and related preparation as an antidote for avoiding starvation. You might find this statement astounding, given the abundance of food to be purchased in our prosperous times, but I will put a question to you: Where will you buy food when food cannot be bought with money? When irrational weather changes caused by anomalies of the sun bring severe drought and famine stalks the land, will you be prepared? When hyperinflation shrinks the value of the dollar to pennies, will you be able to survive with your own resources?

These are legitimate concerns for all, especially the persons on fixed incomes or those existing on already overstretched wages. God helps those who help themselves. You can and should prepare, no matter how powerless you might feel considering the magnitude of what looms before us. Even those with little storage space or living in an apartment can prepare!  And be prepared for incredible increases in the price of basic foods – a real food shock, as the stockpiles of grains are now at record lows.

Rice may be purchased in 20 pound sacks for about $8.00 each, and pinto beans are available in 25 pound sacks for about $12.50 per sack. Whole feed wheat sells for about $7.50 per 50 pound sack. To properly store grain in buckets they must be completely filled. Three sacks of rice will fill two white pastry buckets, while 2 sacks of beans will fill 3 buckets. Two 50 pound sacks of wheat will fill 3 buckets. So buying enough rice, beans or wheat in the quantities required for filled buckets will make life a lot easier.

Those who have a food dehydrator can store the same quantities for about the same price, but using far less space and weight. Packages of frozen corn or peas may be dumped on dryer trays, and in about 6 hours (depending upon the dehydrator model) are dried to perfection. These can be stored in Zip Lock bags, which themselves are stored in 5 gallon buckets. Parsley, carrots and celery may also be chopped up and dried in a similar manner, then used in soups and stews.

I know that the Lord would have us not to live in fear. His plan is that we survive and overcome as we  thrive in the midst of all of the tribulation is what will separate us from those who didn’t prepare. Yes, God is for us, but again, He would like us to lift our arm and prepare so that maybe we can share what we have with those who didn’t prepare, thus showing the love of Christ to a lost and dying world.