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Do you know how to fight when you are overtaken by demonic attacks? When heavy oppression comes upon your spirit due to accusation or blasphemous thoughts, do you know how to break through it all by appropriating the truth of God?

Perhaps you have been confused  and afraid, believing that you have lost your salvation due to your blasphemous thoughts.  You have been convinced that you grieved or quenched the Holy Ghost and you got even more depressed.

Yet the problem is not as it may seem.

It could be that you have had a false conversion at the moment that you invited Jesus into your heart or at the moment you repeated the sinner’s prayer. Some believe they are saved because “they were raised in church.”

 So since YOU  believe that you are  a child of God, the demon or fallen angel assigned to you knows that you ar not born again. So he works with your deception by accusing you of losing a salvation that you never had in the first place.

 Let me make it plain.  The religious demon assigned to YOU  planted blasphemous thoughts into your mind. Since you believe that the thoughts are your own,  then  the evil spirit turns around and accuses you of going to hell for thinking the thoughts that he himself planted.  As such, he  continuously pours oppression on you to keep you down, so that you go UNDER and not OVER when the battlefield of your mind is attacked.

I have some liberating news for you if you will only receive it.  You need to know that if you are concerned that you have blasphemed  the Holy Ghost, that you have not done so.  Why?  Well your concern is   the actual evidence that you are not reprobate. 

One thing is true.  The blasphemous thoughts are not your own.  They are being projected into your mind by the religious spirit that is assigned to you.

This is good news yet not a good sign.

The fact that the enemy so powerfully  has access to your mind further attests to the probability  that you have not been born again. For those who are truly saved have been given the mind of Christ. Take me as an example.  For 35 years I have been born again.  Prior to 3/29/1977, as a former atheist, I  had more than blasphemous thoughts.  I also had blasphemous lips  from childhood.  Yet once I got born again, I have not had even one blasphemous thought in 35 years.

Another point  to consider is that to those who are ‘in Christ,” there is no condemnation.  Yet, you are condemned.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that you are not yet saved.

I say “yet”, because clearly God intends to save you.  The enemy’s strategy is to toast your brain before he does.  For as long as you believe that you are saved yet you are not, the blasphemous thoughts will not stop until you admit to and deny your false conversion.

The ways of the religious spirit are exposed in the book  “Faces of the Religious Demon”  However, perhaps you need more help than a book can provide.  If so, call 518-477-5759.