Professing Christians who have sought deliverance counseling from Pam Sheppard Ministries consistently report that they have been oppressed by the same hallucinatory influx of disparaging thoughts and even voices that pour in on them like streams, even rivers of accusation, on a 24/7 basis.

“You are wrong, stupid, fat, ugly, nasty, and nobody loves you.  You are a fool, a whore, an asshole and God could care less about you.”  And so on—and on and on the stream of accusation flows.

When the tormented enter into deliverance counseling, they prove to be morbid, dull and passive because they have embraced the stream by  allowing  it to toss them to and fro  and they don’t put up a fight. They claim to be born again yet they live without any joy in their professed salvation. Extremely religious, they remind me of those who have a form of godliness, but their torment actually denies the power of the risen Lord .In fact, most of the tormented were raised in church, and several have been Pentecostals and Charismatics who have spoken in tongues.

The major cause of their passivity is that each client in counseling has assumed that this steady stream of accusation emanated from within themselves.  So it is a hard job to convince them that the source of the accusations is the clever and unseen work of the religious demon that is assigned to them. Yet, a persistent question continued to surface in my mind which goes something like this:

Since there is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus and since the saved have access to the mind of Christ, how is it that the enemy has been able to penetrate their thoughts with accusation that leads to condemnation?

I reasoned that if a religious demon is able to enter a person’s mind in such a debilitating way, perhaps the person experienced a false conversion. When a religious demon causes a false conversion that I call “a counterfeit birth,” to make the experience seem bona-fide, the enemy will provide a semblance of hunger for the word, joy and even peace before lowering the boom and opening the floodgate of the stream of accusation. The good feelings are replaced with a spirit of doom and gloom.  The captives are then tricked into believing that they have either grieved the Holy Ghost, lost their salvation and even committed the unpardonable sin, when they were never saved in the first place.

Recovery begins with recognition and assent.  Begin by reasoning it out for yourself.It is not YOU thinking.  There is no action in your brain and you are not REALLY thinking these condemning thoughts. The stream is forced upon you from what seems “out of the blue.” The moment you recognize it and name it, you have taken the first step toward your own deliverance.

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