Reason #1 Pam Sheppard knows that there are no quick fixes.

 Reason #2 Pam Sheppard uncovers and breaks down strongholds

 Reason #3 Pam Sheppard knows how to close chakras

Reason #4 Pam Sheppard will teach you to know yourself better than the enemy knows you!

Reason 5: The Holy Ghost set Pam Sheppard free from evil spirits more than 35 years ago!

Reason 6: Pam Sheppard is the founder of deliverance counseling. She is a specialist.

Both a minister of 31 years and a master degreed, licensed therapist in the state of NY since 1973. Pam Sheppard’s book, “Faces of the Religious Demon: Freedom Through Deliverance Counseling may be reviewed and obtained here.

 Reason 7. Pam Sheppard was a pastor in the IC for 20 years. She will “pastor” you in her online deliverance ministry called RESCUE.

Wouldn’t you like to be set free ” once and for all”?

Time is always running out, and each day, we grow closer to the Lord’s return. You may contact Pam at or call 518-477-5759



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