My name is Pam Sheppard. I have been a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ for 31 years.  Twenty-five of those years was spent as a pastor and an evangelist in a well-known denomination. I am the founder of RESCUE, an online church and deliverance ministry.  Today I speak to you as an author of 8 books, from the messages of  4 of them in particular.

In a nutshell, this is what I believe.

I suspect that the Holy Ghost,—the Restrainer—has already been removed from each and every organized, institutional  church. Therefore,  the Lord’s offer of repentance as depicted in the first 3 chapters of the book of Revelation is  no longer be available to Her. In fact, Her problems–not the Body of Christ but the organized church– – are so deeply embedded in idolatry, and entangled with deceptions passed down by previous church generations, I really don’t have a word for “Her” other than this: “ I believe that You have been judged already and that the Lord has found You wanting. Your final end can be found in the book of Revelation.” Period.”

So with that stated, my real target is not the institutional church. I have nothing to say to Her. My book, “Come Out of Her, God’s People” is a warning that I believe comes from the Lord Jesus Christ Himself–a written wake-up call to the active churchgoers among the elect  in this hour.

Both the title and subtitle have been adapted from a scripture taken from the words of the Lord as quoted by the Apostle John in the 18th Chapter of the Book of Revelation which reads, “ Come out of Her, My People, lest ye receive of her plagues.” For the most part, God’s people in this hour are in the church. Therefore, it seems quite clear that to come out of “Her” simply means “come out of the IC”.

 As I pointed out in “Faces of the Religious Demon”, “the Fake Jesus,”  and “the New Idolatry” is that religiosity— whether purposeful or in ignorance— is an open gateway to the plagues. The prosperity gospel is at the top of the list of the most pervasive practices of idolatry in the churches today in competition with the homosexual agenda. This very week, I turned on my computer to find that a young man in Texas rammed his car into a church building, got out  beat his pastor to death with an electric guitar in the inside of the sanctuary.  The horror stories are increasing week by week.  Soon it will be day by day.

Truly, the list of idolatrous teachings is very long. Blasphemous doctrines and practices that are the most glaring are those which add to or detract from the gospel of Jesus Christ as both Savior and Lord. As Paul warned the Galatians, to add to or detract from the gospel brings a lasting curse with it. (Galatians:1:8) A curse is synonymous with a plague. What are the plagues? The worst plague is a curse of spiritual blindness caused by delusion and demonic deception. The worst of the worst is to be duped into believing that you are going to heaven, and to die and find yourself in hell for eternity. For what does it profit a man, if he gains the whole world yet loses his soul? (Matthew 16:25)

 The fact that countless people have been indoctrinated into the “I accepted Jesus” practice aka the “make a decision” for Christ gospel are the worst abominations of them all. For this form of idolatry distorts the word of God to such an extent, than I am willing to estimate that 85% of churchgoers believe that they are saved, and they are not. Counterfeit spiritual births at the altars of God are the absolute worst plague, the fruit of idolatry. This horrendous sign is pervasive throughout the institutional  church worldwide–a wide gaping hole for demonic infestation and other horrendous plagues to enter with ease.


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