For more than 25 years, I was pretty much in the dark about my lifetime purpose. With sin all around me within the organized church, I thought that it was the Lord’s intent to use me to touch the hearts of the Denomination’s leaders and provoke them to repent. For at least 20 years, I wailed and travailed for repentance mostly in private, and at times, within the public eye of the congregation, yet without results. In this hour, I believe that the olive branch of repentance is no longer extended to the organized church primarily because the spirit of travail left me about 7 years ago. Today, my prophetic outcry is to YOU, the churchgoing reader and those of you who may be tempted and seduced into “going to church.” My testimony can be put into a nutshell with three words: COME OUT! SEPARATE!

When a person has been churched for years, habit and religiosity are strong barriers to receiving the truth, keeping a captive bound to a religious addiction. In my own case, I came out in 1983, but once I returned in 1987, I literally had to be “put out” in order to “come out” in 2004. Once I submitted myself to the unfolding of the circumstances which caused me to be removed from the rolls of a mainline denomination, I marvel at the depth and substance of the insights I have received in the last five years.

Yet even though I was put out in 2004, I was not really “out” because I sat around for 3 years, waiting for the Lord to send me to another church affiliation or denomination.  I came out spiritually once He spoke in 2007 and said “Pam, the 3 dreams you had in 1979 that sent you to that denomination and caused you to join Her, DID NOT COME FROM ME! The Holy Ghost was not there in 1979 and He is not there now. The Institutional Church has already been judged, THAT IS WHEN I REALLY CAME OUT OF HER. I said to myself, “Self, why would you want to be in a condemned building!!!

I am OUT and I will never look back!

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